Summer intake in the USA

While less popular than the fall intake, the summer intake in the USA remains an ideal choice for international students. There are fewer applicants during this period, boosting students’ chances of getting into their desired program. During this intake, institutions also often offer short-duration courses, ideal for those looking for extra credit or are eager to take shorter yet specialised classes.


When is the summer intake in the USA?

The summer intake in the USA starts in May and ends in August. Applications start in January and students must apply by March to be eligible for admission in May.


Which intake is best for the USA?

Each academic intake in the US has its own pros and cons, and the right period will vary depending on the student, the program of their choice and their plans.

The fall intake is the USA’s most popular intake period. It runs from August to December when most universities and departments commence their flagship and major programs. There is a wide variety of courses available, but there is also a large number of applicants, so it can be more competitive.

The spring intake is from January to April. Though it offers fewer courses, it is the second most popular application period. It’s for students who miss the fall intake dates; they get more time to prepare their documents and obtain the necessary visa.

The summer intake is a great time to apply because universities offer short-term, certified and vocational courses that students may not have access to during the other application periods. There are often online programs available during the summer intake, too. Fewer students apply during the summer intake as well, so there’s less competition and higher acceptance rates.

However, the list of universities offering summer intake in the USA may be shorter and not all courses are available during this period. Scholarships, student aid and any job opportunities after finishing a course may also be fewer.


Timeline of summer intake in the USA

As a student, it’s important to understand summer intake in the USA 2024 deadlines. Here’s a timeline of what it would look like for those who are applying during this intake period.

  • April to August 2023: Students should take note of important application and program details, including deadlines, eligibility criteria and scholarships. They should also start shortlisting courses and universities.
  • September to November 2023: Students should prepare to take an English proficiency test (it’s best to check with the specific university being applied to for the required exam), then get their paperwork started for their student visa application.
  • November 2023 to January 2024: Students should prepare to apply for their chosen universities.
  • February to March 2024: Universities will begin sending out acceptance letters and students must prepare to provide the necessary requirements or attend an interview to proceed.
  • April to May 2024: Accepted students may start their student visa application process, as well as applications for loans or scholarships, if any.
  • May 2024: Students should travel to the USA to attend their programs.


When to apply for the summer intake in the USA

Students applying for the USA summer intake should generally do so before March. It’s important to check with their chosen institution for specific deadlines to be sure.

Application periods and requirements vary from university to university, but typically, the required documents include:

  • curriculum vitae (or resume)
  • receipt of application fee payment
  • letters of recommendation
  • score sheets or results of standardised exams (GRE, ACT, GMAT and English proficiency exams like IELTS or TOEFL)
  • official academic transcripts and records
  • statement of purpose
  • passport-sized photos
  • application essay.


Learn more about summer intake in the USA

Students can explore tons of opportunities during summer intake in the USA. To learn more about this application period and search for available programs from universities offering summer intake, access the upGrad GSP platform or get in touch with our business development experts.

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