What we’ve been up to: A look back at upGrad GSP’s first quarter 2024

upGrad GSP actively hosts and participates in events and initiatives that forward our mission to create a more efficient and intimate global education space. Our calendar for the first quarter of 2024 is a reflection of our dedication to helping students achieve success, nurturing relationships with university and recruitment partners and supporting the internal education community. Here’s a  look back at upGrad GSP’s first quarter 2024


Doubling down on student support

Our student services department, particularly the Student Success Crew (SSC), is dedicated to providing timely intervention and support to our students, helping them succeed not only at university abroad but in life. Their engagement helps students through a myriad of challenges, tackling mental health issues and well-being, academic expectations, professional development, financial difficulties and career aspirations. The SSC ultimately contributes to a decreased drop-out rate and better life experience and diversity, preparing students for more active involvement in the community. The results delivered are evidence-based, with measurable impact on retention and improved student outcomes.


Connecting through global recruitment events

Throughout February, upGrad GSP hosted a roster of B2B global recruitment events across India, Latin America, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

We regularly host these recurring events to connect our partners and stakeholders, fostering meaningful conversations and facilitating strong and fruitful relationships. In a collaborative effort with our different institution partners, we enable them to share valuable insights and guidance regarding the admissions, programs and courses, campus life and culture at their respective institutions. They talk about exciting new offerings, trends, tips and advice, and what makes their institutions stand out. During these events, our partners not only gain vital and exclusive information but also engage in direct conversations while strengthening their networks.


Our Key Partners Meet and Greet in Kochi, India was held on 5 February at The View at the PGS Vedanta. Partner universities present include Auckland University of Technology, University of Waikato and Victoria University of Wellington.

The AIBI Meet & Greet Workshop was also held on 13 February at Taj Krishna in Hyderabad with our partner institution AIBI HE.

The upGrad GSP Partner Showcase: Griffith University was also held on 26 February at the Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels. The event put the spotlight on partner institution Griffith University.

On 28 March, we also hosted a workshop and networking hi-tea event in Kochi, India with our recruitment partners to showcase the University of Newcastle.


We hosted the upGrad GSP Nepal Partners Meet & Networking Event 2024 on 5 February at the Himalaya Hall of Hotel Himalaya in Lalitapur. The event was attended by 100 recruitment partners and 14 institution partners, namely:

Learn more about the successful occasion here.


Held at the Lakeshore Grand in Gulshan, Dhaka on 8 February, the upGrad GSP Bangladesh Agent Networking Event welcomed 140 recruitment partners. It was sponsored by UTS College, Charles Darwin University (CDU), University of Tasmania (UTAS), UP Education, TAFE and James Cook University Brisbane (JCUB).

Chief Growth Officer Mr Ali Butt conducted the key presentation, which highlighted the growth of upGrad GSP in the country in the last year. A panel discussion was also held with institution partners, which included:

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Agent Networking Event 2024 was held on 13 February at Shangri-la Colombo. It was sponsored by CDU and TAFE NSW. Participants included Flinders University and Southern Cross Education Institute (Higher Education).

The AIBI Meet & Greet Sri Lanka was also held in partnership with AIBI HE.


The upGrad GSP Networking Forum 2024: The Year of Regulation was held on 14 February 2024 in Bogota. 100 attendees participated in two early access sessions. The first one was for Australia, attended by Camilo Peña, Business Development Director of Education at the Australian Embassy and Angela Rojas, Education Consultant for Latin America Trade and Investment Queensland. The other session was for the USA, with participation by Karina Otalora, Fair Coordinator of EducationUSA and Samuel Reales, Center Director of EducationUSA. The event discussed how regulation is shaping this year’s recruitment strategies and how agents would be aligning with that new reality. Along with agent sessions, an open forum was held with government representatives and the upGrad GSP Colombia team (Natalia, Laura and David) for further discussions.

Getting prestigious scholarships for our students

On 1 February, Charles Sturt University proudly announced that two outstanding students from upGrad GSP, Namya Kumar from GSP India and Elmeriz Vicaeli Bassig from GSP Philippines, have been awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship. This scholarship recognises academic excellence, community contributions and alignment with the core values of the university.


Receiving Silver Partner Award

On 8 February in Mumbai, upGrad GSP was honoured to receive The Silver Partner Award from The University of Queensland (UQ). We are proud to contribute to the success of both our learners and the university. This was a real testament to our strong and continuing partnership with the institution.

UQ has been named Australia’s top university in the inaugural Best Universities Ranking by The Australian Financial Review (AFR), highlighting its excellence in both education and research. According to US News & World Report, UQ is ranked 36th in Best Global Universities. It’s also the 3rd Best University in Australia.


Participating at the Annual FAIE Conference

upGrad GSP participated as a gold sponsor in the 2024 Annual FAIE Conference held last 15-16 February in Tallahassee. The event allowed us to support the international education community while further expanding our network. Our North America team, represented by Patrick Colabucci and Catherine Wilson, gave a presentation on the topic “University-Aggregator Partnerships: Issues to Consider.” They welcomed the audience to explore if the aggregator model fits their institution’s global strategy.


Being recognised as Gold Partner

On 28 February, the upGrad GSP Bangladesh team received the prestigious Gold Partner 2023 recognition from UP Education. UP Education is a multi-sector education group and a top-two pathway provider in Australasia. We achieved an impressive Top 4 position within the gold category and a Top 7 overall ranking. Our exceptional team member, Tokee Tahmid, also accepted the Best Performer Award for individual performance for his unwavering commitment and contributions.


Joining Recruit in Canada’s Spring 2024 Fairs

upGrad GSP was thrilled to be part of the Recruit in Canada’s Spring Fairs from 29 February to 3 March. Our team leaders, Patrick Colabucci and Catherine Wilson, represented upGrad GSP at the country’s largest international university and student travel expo. The event ran across Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Patrick and Catherine engaged with Canadian and international students searching for top-notch universities. They offered upGrad GSP’s professional services, including providing the best study options and streamlining application experiences to help all aspiring learners reach their educational goals.


Attending the APAIE 2024 Conference

upGrad GSP attended the APAIE 2024 Conference on 4-8 March at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre in Western Australia. Here, we joined education professionals from around the globe with the same aspirations as ours. We collaborated and exchanged ideas on improving recruitment processes and services to help students achieve a seamless study abroad experience.


Learn more about upGrad GSP initiatives and events

upGrad GSP is set to continue collaborating with international education professionals, agencies and institutions as 2024 progresses. Stay in touch with our business development experts to know more about our initiatives, events and recognitions.

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