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Studying in Europe promises high-quality education and promising career prospects. That’s why the region continuously ranks as a top study-abroad destination for international students. However, starting one’s learning journey on the continent can get challenging, from the numerous requirements to the tedious visa and admissions processes. To make the experience easier and smoother, students are highly recommended to hire education consultants in Europe who can help show the ropes.


What is an overseas education consultant?

An overseas education consultant is a professional organisation adept in international study, particularly in their locale. They provide students with the resources and guidance they need to pursue their higher education dreams. At the same time, they assist universities in attracting students to their schools and raising enrollment rates. In doing so, they bridge the gap between students and universities.


What do Europe education consultants do?

Europe education consultants offer a range of services. Here’s a quick overview of the most common ones.

Country and course selection

Education consultants in Europe assist students with choosing the best country, university and program that align with their education (and ultimately, career) goals. They offer students all the details needed to make the most optimal choice. For example, upGrad GSP has an app that consolidates various programs from top European schools. This makes it easier for international students to compare study options and find the right fit for them.

Application assistance

One of the best ways Europe education consultants help students is through application assistance. They guide learners through both visa and school applications, helping ensure that they pass all the requirements and receive the documentation needed to be legitimate international students. They can even go beyond and help students process paperwork for their parents, should they need to bring them to their country of choice, as well.

upGrad GSP regularly provides tips on how to navigate different application processes and gives information on what students need to know to ace interviews, requirements, etc.

End-to-end guidance

Education consultants offer end-to-end services to students who need full study abroad guidance. Aside from assisting in choosing schools and applying for visas and admissions, they also help students adjust more easily to their new locale by providing information on language institutes, tutors, financing options (including scholarships), health insurance, accommodations, transportation, etc. Some study abroad consultants even go so far as to help students move into the country they’re studying in!

Study abroad updates

Education consultants in Europe are the most adept in the rules and guidelines that govern studying in the region. They’re up to date with any relevant changes and can give students the latest information that could affect their educational plans.


Benefits of hiring education consultants in Europe

Hiring education consultants is a great move for any international student looking to study in Europe. Here are some of the benefits of getting their help:


Studying in Europe involves a lot of paperwork and processes, which can take up a lot of time and effort. Hiring education consultants can remove much of this weight off of a student’s shoulders, allowing them to focus on other important matters.


Europe education consultants usually maintain a large network of partner recruiters and institutions. Students can tap into these so they can maximise their options. upGrad GSP is connected with hundreds of institutions across the continent, allowing students access to their school of choice. These connections may prove especially advantageous if the student is applying to a high-demand school or program.

Cost savings

While hiring an education consultant may incur extra expenses, their services are an investment that promises high returns. Applying to Europe can get expensive, and their expertise can help students avoid hidden or erroneous fees so that their money is always used towards things that will benefit them in their educational journey.

Personalised services

Education consultants offer assistance and guidance that are customised to the students they’re helping. This is extremely valuable to those who’d like to make the most out of their study abroad experience.

Connect with education consultants in Europe from upGrad GSP

upGrad GSP is an education consulting company that’s partnered with multiple recruitment partners in Europe. We always stay on the pulse of international education news to ensure that we always update students and partners on the most relevant information. Let us help you connect with students and institutions to share in our mission to advance international education. Contact our business development experts to stay up to date on the latest in international study!

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