Scotland launches Migration Service to support international students and global talent

Scotland has taken a monumental leap forward with the launch of its innovative Migration Service. The new initiative highlights Scotland’s aspiration to continue to support the well-being and development of international students and promote the country’s economic sustainability by expanding global talent integration. 


Under the leadership of Migration Minister Emma Roddick, Scotland’s Migration Service epitomises a proactive approach towards safeguarding and fostering the welfare and success of incoming international students and skilled professionals. Roddick underscored the profound impact of newcomers on Scotland’s society, emphasising their role in addressing skill shortages, strengthening public services and contributing to the country’s cultural vibrancy. 


The first phase of the Migration Service is now underway, extending support to various groups: 


  • individuals who have moved to Scotland within the past six months 
  • international students in their final year at a Scottish university or college who would like to stay in Scotland after graduating 
  • employers based in Scotland who seek to hire international workers 
  • investors based in another country who aspire to set up or expand a business in Scotland. 


The Migration Service offers tailored guidance and resources to ensure seamless transition into Scottish life. From personalised appointments to comprehensive information sessions, the service is designed to instil confidence and provide vital assistance during the crucial initial months following relocation. 


Ioannis Fotiadis, a civil engineer whose relocation to Edinburgh from Greece reflects the experiences of many international students and professionals, lauded the Migration Service as a comprehensive resource for those navigating the complexities of moving to Scotland. Fotiadis expressed optimism that the service’s dedicated support would not only alleviate challenges but also enhance the overall experience of settling into Scottish society. 


In addition to facilitating individual journeys, the Migration Service stands poised to empower businesses across Scotland by offering invaluable assistance in navigating the intricate landscape of international recruitment and visa procedures. Sam Gough, CEO of Edinburgh’s Summerhall, hailed the new service as a game-changer for businesses seeking to tap into global talent pools and expand their operations within Scotland’s dynamic market. 


As Scotland prepares to extend the reach of its Migration Service to individuals abroad seeking to make Scotland their new home, the initiative exhibits the nation’s unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity, diversity and opportunity. By collaborating with partners such as Citizens Advice Scotland and law firm Seraphus, the Scottish Government also aims to streamline immigration procedures and create a supportive ecosystem conducive to the success and well-being of international students and professionals. 


With a record-breaking 82,440 international students enrolled in Scotland’s higher education sector in 2023, the Migration Service further welcomes those seeking to embark on a transformative journey in pursuit of knowledge and opportunity. By embracing global talent and fostering a culture of inclusivity, Scotland paves the way for a brighter future built on the principles of diversity and innovation. 


To learn more news, updates and exciting study opportunities available for international students in Scotland, please visit our blog or contact our Business Development Managers for more information. 

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