Benefits of hiring global education consultants

Pursuing education abroad is no easy feat. There are many aspects that one has to consider, like the process of getting into an institution and program, visa applications and post-study work opportunities. Global educational consultants like upGrad GSP can help students navigate all of these steps. In this guide, we look into the services offered by global edu consulting firms and why hiring global recruiters and education consultants is beneficial to students hoping to pursue education in a foreign country.


What do global education consultants do?

Global education consultants provide a wide range of services. Their support can start even before a student applies for a program and continues even beyond graduation. Here’s a breakdown of what global education consultants can do for you:

Profile evaluation

International education firms can assess a student’s profile and match them with the most suitable program and institution based on their goals, preferences and limitations. They can also suggest alternatives so that learners can maximise their choices and find the right path towards success.

University selection

Global edu consultants like upGrad GSP maintain a large network of academic institutions and recruitment partners, allowing them to connect students with the best schools in the world. This allows them to help students narrow down their choices to select the best university for them.

Admission services

Once a student has chosen their program and school, they can rely on foreign education experts to assist them in streamlining their admissions process. These services may include filling out application forms, essay writing guidance, due date scheduling, etc.

Requirements assistance

Studying abroad calls for mounts of document requirements. Global education consultants can help students determine what they need for enrolment and visa purposes. Then, they may provide assistance in obtaining and arranging the necessary paperwork.

Financial guidance

Being an international student entails investing in a handful of expenses, from tuition fees to day-to-day living costs. Global edu consulting professionals can give students an overview of what they can expect to spend and introduce them to financing options that are available to them.

Student visa help

Getting a student visa is one of the most important aspects of being an international student. The process can get complicated, but with help from global education consultants, students can go through the process more seamlessly, possibly increasing their chances for approval.

Post-graduation consultancy

A foreign education consultancy can help students explore their options after graduation, particularly in relation to post-study work rights (including visas) and opportunities.


Why hire global education consultants

Hiring global education consultants promises many benefits to international students. Here are some reasons why it’s smart to hire a foreign education firm like upGrad GSP:

Expert guidance

Global education professionals have the knowledge and experience to expertly guide international students within the realm of global education. Learners can ask them any questions to clarify their experience, with the assurance that they are receiving sound advice and insights.

The business development experts at upGrad GSP are adept at the ins and outs of the academic environments of their respective regions. This ensures that partners, along with their students, are properly guided at each step of their academic journey.

Personalised services

Every student has a unique set of goals, needs and preferences for their study experience. International education consultants can provide personalised services that match each person’s requirements, ensuring that they are on the best path.

upGrad GSP has worked with multiple partners servicing thousands of students. We have recognised the different dispositions and motivations of people from around the globe, allowing us to better tailor our offers to suit every individual.

Continuous support and assistance

Global recruiters and education consultants provide end-to-end services. That means that they’re behind students every step of the way on their educational journey—even after they graduate. This kind of support is invaluable, bringing the experience to a whole other level.

upGrad GSP provides assistance from pre-enrollment to post-graduation. That way, through our partners, we can help students get the most out of their education.

Academic network

Global education consultants like upGrad GSP are well-connected in the international education community. Getting access to their connections entails that students can have their pick of programs or universities, and find support in other relevant agencies, consultancies and even mentors that can enrich their schooling.

Updated information

International education companies always stay updated on the latest news and trends surrounding the industry. This helps keep students on the pulse of issues or changes that can affect them, such as student visa policy updates or latest enrolment deadlines.

upGrad GSP is constantly keeping tabs on the goings-on in international education. We regularly post and send out news updates to keep our partners aware of what’s happening.


Expand international education horizons with upGrad GSP

upGrad GSP is one of the leading global education consultants in the world. We’re dedicated to providing international students with the best academic experiences with help from our recruitment and institution partners. Contact our business development experts to know how you can help students from all over the globe expand their education horizons today!

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