UK Home Office: Graduate Route safe for now

The UK Home Office has confirmed that the Graduate Route will not be changed or removed. The government will follow the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC’s) advice of not restricting the post-study work pathway. It shall remain “under review,” but no action will be taken on it before the upcoming general election.


A decrease in net migration

The announcement comes after the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) published a recent release on international migration numbers. It showed that net migration has decreased by 10% since 2022. This does not account for the changes made by the government which are expected to further reduce migration. The latest figures since the updates came into effect show a 25% decline in visa applications.

The decrease was welcomed by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. He commends the effectiveness of plans delivered to lower overall levels of migration while maintaining the UK’s status as a leading study-abroad destination.


Regulating international student recruitment

While the Graduate Route is safe for now, the government is introducing new proposals to “crack down on rogue recruitment agents.” Together with the Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, Home Secretary James Cleverly has said that rogue agents who are recruiting international students will “have their business model smashed.” “We must go further to make sure our immigration routes aren’t abused. That’s why we are cracking down on rogue international agents and, building on work across government, to ensure international students are coming here to study, not work,” Cleverly stated.

To regulate international student recruitment, universities will be mandated to sign up to a stringent framework for agents. Tougher compliance standards for institutions will also be established. Those who accept international students who then fail to pass visa checks, enrol or complete their courses will risk losing their sponsor license.


Updates on financial and English language requirements

Financial maintenance requirements will also be raised. Details have not been stated in current plans. But international students are alerted of the need to prove their financial self-sufficiency.

The government is also already reviewing English language assessments, with the goal of standardising independent assessments. This will ensure all international students are equipped with the skills needed to accomplish their courses.

Restrictions shall also be set on remote delivery so that overseas students are predominantly undertaking face-to-face courses in the UK.


With the Graduate Route safe and new proposals to guarantee the integrity and quality of UK education in the works, the nation is poised to maintain its standing as a premier academic destination on the global stage. To explore study opportunities in the UK, contact our business development experts today.

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