Australia releases new strategy to strengthen international education sector

Last 11 May 2024, the Australian government announced a draft of the International Education and Skills Strategic Framework to safeguard the quality and integrity of the nation’s international education sector. Released by Hon Jason Clare MP, Minister for Education, Hon Brendan O’Connor MP, Minister for Skills and Training, and Hon Clare O’Neil MP, Minister for Home Affairs, this initiative aims to ensure the sustainability of Australia’s global standing as a leading destination for international students.


The newly proposed Strategic Framework is designed to reinforce the growth of Australia’s international student program and maintain high standards and ethical practices within the sector. The Department of Education will spearhead targeted consultations with key stakeholders to refine the framework, which is expected to be finalised and released later this year. These consultations aim to gather feedback and ensure that the final framework meets the needs of the sector while continuing to uphold rigorous standards.


To support the implementation of this framework and enhance the integrity of international education, the government plans to amend the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act)


These changes will empower the government to:


  • manage new enrolments at educational institutions, including specific courses and locations
  • control the delivery of courses with persistent quality and integrity issues
  • regulate courses that offer limited value to Australia’s skill needs.


These amendments are designed to support the broader objectives of the Strategic Framework, ensuring that Australia’s international education system remains competitive and reputable on the global stage.


Complementing this initiative, the Department of Home Affairs is set to introduce several measures under the Migration Strategy. Key measures include:



These measures will be in effect as the government works with the international education sector to finalise the Strategic Framework. The Department of Home Affairs will monitor student visa application trends during the consultation period. With that, educational institutions must note their enrolment activities in 2024 as these will influence the setting of enrolment limits for 2025. The Minister also retains the authority to cap visa grants within a program year, ensuring that the sector remains responsive to both policy changes and emerging challenges.


This comprehensive strategy highlights Australia’s commitment to preserving the excellence of Australia’s international education system while adapting to evolving global demands and challenges.


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