What is the GTE? Everything you need to know about the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement

All international students applying for a student visa in Australia must comply with the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement. It’s necessary to prove that one comes to the country only temporarily to gain a quality education. But what is the GTE and how do applicants pass it? In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the GTE.


What is the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement?

The GTE is an integrity assessment made by the Department of Foreign Affairs. It’s a declaration made by a student visa applicant that substantiates that they only intend to stay in Australia temporarily. It assures that they will use their visa for its intended purpose of education and not as a channel to pursue residency in the country.

The GTE considers factors like an applicant’s reasons for going to school in Australia, ties to their home country and ability to financially support themselves during their stay. A student submits this through a written statement, along with relevant documents for proof.


What to include in the GTE

Students accomplishing the GTE must present their case precisely and honestly. The written statement must be specific to the applicant, reflecting their true circumstances. Here’s a list of the common things to include in the GTE requirement:

  • Personal circumstances in home country: Family composition (specifying number of dependents), economic situation, and other things that tie back to one’s home country (e.g., business, property, employment, etc.)
  • Potential circumstances in Australia: Intended place to live and details on accompanying family members (if any) and how the applicant will financially support them during their stay
  • Previous study: Information of previous study experiences and explanations of any gaps in enrolment, if any
  • Academic or employment progression: Details on how the chosen course is related to previous study or employment and its relevance to future career and educational plans (e.g. how it may increase salary, how it can help start a business, etc.)
  • Reason for choosing Australia: Explanation of why a student chose Australia for study, including research that their chosen program is the best choice for their circumstances and goals
  • Employment: Information on previous employment in Australia
  • Immigration History: Proof of previous visa applications for Australia or other countries, including refusals and cancellations.


How the GTE is assessed

After submitting the GTE requirements (i.e., written statement and supporting documents), an Immigration Officer from the Department of Foreign Affairs will assess the entire situation of the applicant. They will determine if an applicant may abuse their student visa. They do this by taking a look at one’s personal circumstances, reasons for seeking education in Australia, and immigration history.

The GTE interview

Student visa applicants must sit for a GTE interview with a case officer (usually done online). This further checks a student’s desire to study temporarily in Australia.

The immigration officer will ask questions similar to the details typically included in the written statement to verify its truthfulness.


Helping students with the GTE

The GTE is an important requirement for students looking to study in Australia. Get resources on how to guide students through their desired educational path with upGrad GSP!

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