upGrad scholars thrive in exciting roles at Golden Gate University​

upGrad scholars thrive in exciting roles at Golden Gate University

As a beacon of diversity and inclusivity, Golden Gate University (GGU) embraces talents from around the world, providing a platform and warm welcome for international students to excel and thrive in their academic and professional pursuits. 


Not only does GGU offer a wide array of degrees and certifications, but they also provide international students the chance to seize exciting employment opportunities while studying on campus.  


GGU caters to the unique educational needs of international students, offering practical insights from industry professionals in successful Bay Area organisations.  


Over the past month, two exceptional upGrad students have held the reins of a job opportunity, stepping into paid Student Assistant roles offered by GGU. Currently immersed in their studies, these outstanding students from the MS Finance and MS Project Management programs have already taken on pivotal roles both in GGU’s eLearning and Worldwide departments. Their swift integration into GGU’s community is a testament to the quality of education and talent that upGrad imparts. For international students, this is more than a job opportunity; it’s also a passport to professional growth and a global experience.   


This opportunity underscores the high regard GGU holds for our upGrad students, showcasing their ability to secure employment even before finishing their studies. Securing a Student Assistant role at GGU is no small feat; it entails a careful and rigorous selection process, with over 20 applicants vying for each position.  


International students can not only gain invaluable practical experiences, but also benefit from GGU’s diverse and inclusive community, which fosters a welcoming environment to students hailing from different walks of life.  


To know more about the exciting opportunities available for international students at GGU, please reach out to our North American team at [email protected]. 

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