Is Utah a good place to study?

Is Utah a good place to study?

International students in Utah can get the unique opportunity to study in urban areas while also having easy access to some of the United States’ most famous natural wonders. Utah is a well-known state for its diverse natural landscapes, and the fun activities it hosts, such as skiing and the Sundance Film Festival every January. Beyond these, it also stands out as one of the best places to study, having been ranked number one in the overall Best State Rankings in the USA, according to U.S. News and World Report. It is also ranked first in fiscal stability and economy and ranked fifth in education. These are based on various factors, including the economy, infrastructure, safety, environment, government finances and opportunities for residents.


International students are welcomed in Utah, as they are vital to foster vibrant, diverse and inclusive communities. In 2022, a study by the American Immigration Council reported a total of 8,533 international students in Utah’s colleges and universities, supporting 2,191 job opportunities. This highlights the abundance of job opportunities readily available to them. Moreover, 40.7% of international student graduates successfully extended their visas for exciting career opportunities in Salt Lake City metropolitan area, and 39.9% chose to stay and contribute their talents and skills in the Provo-Orem metropolitan area. These numbers showcase the appealing prospects and the welcoming environment that both metropolitan areas offer to international student graduates. 


When it comes to ‘degree value’, the Venture Smarter group ranked Utah as a top city in terms of tuition versus earnings potential. After assessing factors like tuition costs, student debt after graduation, and job opportunities, this places Weber State University at the lead of Utah’s institutions. 


Why you should consider Weber State University

Among the wide array of reputable institutions in Utah, Weber State University sets itself apart with its diverse student body and a commitment to increasing Hispanic and Latino representation. 


Weber State University is home to thousands of students, including those from other countries, and offers a wide range of degree programs for all its students to explore—with a total enrolment of 29,914 students, all from 50 US states and 55 foreign countries in 2022.  


Furthermore, Hispanic and Latino students represented the 12.5% of the university’s enrolled students.  To expand their global reach, WSU embarks on an initiative to raise the proportion of Hispanic and Latino students to 15% by 2025. This is supported by their 5-year growth plan, “Weber State Amplified”, to become an emerging Hispanic-Serving Institution (eHSI). 


Programs and Courses 

Weber State University stands as an excellent choice for international students due to its small class sizes, available on-campus housing, affordability, scholarship opportunities, and the exceptional ESL Pathway Program it offers. The university provides 200 accredited bachelor’s degrees and 20 master’s degrees in today’s most popular fields of study, making them one of America’s top colleges lists by Forbes in 2021.  


Based on Utah Foundation, Weber State University takes the lead in Utah when it comes to the 10-year net present value of students’ education. In other words, it offers the best return on investment, considering the future earnings compared to the cost of education. With WSU’s real world practical training, students can achieve the best return on their investment.


Scholarships and financial aid programs 

The university is also dedicated to ensuring that international students have access to quality education through valuable financial resources. As for August 2023, WSU provided more than $89.9 million in scholarships and financial aid to 12,676 students in the 2022-2023 academic year. They also offer these academic scholarships and financial aid programs to qualified new international students, and they may also find an additional scholarship available for university housing to those who choose to reside in the university. Scholarships at WSU are merit-based and consider factors such as academic performance, activities or interests, community service, international status and academic departments. 


Graduation rates and career opportunities  

When it comes to career opportunities or outcomes, Weber State University (WSU) stands out with their offered practical experiences which include various opportunities, such as internships, clinical placements, undergraduate research with professors, and student engagement with nonprofits or community organisations.  


The university aims to empower students to extend their education beyond traditional classrooms, enabling them to make a significant impact in their careers. This commitment includes connecting them to a well-paying job in the future, ensuring a median BS/BA graduate salary of $67,266 for bachelor’s degree graduates. 


According to University HQ, WSU graduates have an exceptional track record when it comes to securing employment, finding jobs quickly after graduation. Earning an annual average salary of $46,000 which is $7,800 more than the state average – WSU is ranked one for graduates earning this amount yearly. With the wide array of degree programs offered to students, the top five fields where WSU graduates find employment include business, engineering, healthcare, education, and arts & communication. Other students enjoy successful professional careers in areas such as finance, management, software engineering, nursing, teaching and journalism.  


In 2021, 98% of graduates secured healthcare jobs upon graduation and achieved an impressive 96% completion rate in 2022. Based on the Utah and Salary Employment data, the job outlook for 2021-2031 indicates a substantial growth rate of 28%, highlighting the promising career opportunities their program offers. 


With WSU graduate students’ impressive employability rate, employers also highly value graduates of WSU due to the university’s strong emphasis on hands-on and practical trainings and learnings and reputation for top producing institution well-prepared graduates who are ready for the workforce. 


International students at WSU are celebrated for the positive influence they provide on education, diversity, and the broader community, especially in Utah. At Weber State University, international students can find a new home where they can thrive with multicultural perspectives, enriching the academic environment. 


To know more about the exciting opportunities available for international students at WSU, please reach out to our North American team at [email protected].   

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