Why international students should consider studying TAFE?

Why international students should consider studying TAFE?

Vocational education and training (VET) is the second most popular study option taken by a majority of foreign students in Australia. These courses are administered by private or government-funded Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), which include certificates I to IV, diplomas and advanced diplomas that can be studied anywhere between 6 to 12 months. With the growing demand for skill-based employment, VET graduates find jobs with an average of 78% employment rate according to a study by Skilling Foundation Australia.

The most popular education provider that offers VET courses is Technical and Further Education (TAFE), the largest education and training sector in Australia. TAFE qualifications provide an excellent pathway to further studies or the workforce due to its practical, industry-focused and unique learning environment. International students can take advantage of the wide range of courses from trades to business, health, creative arts, hospitality and more.

Many TAFE institutions have recently begun offering courses from the higher education field, providing the same choice of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as universities. Some offer secondary school studies and short courses to upgrade skills in specific industries.


Why choose TAFE?

  1. Pathway to further studies and employment

A TAFE certificate or diploma can open doors to some of Australia’s best universities. It helps students meet entry requirements and provide credit towards some courses in higher education programs. Up to two or three-semester credits can be applied towards a degree, depending on the institution, program, and TAFE qualification completed, so it is important to confirm credit and pathway arrangements with the university. Studying at TAFE can also help students adapt to the Australian education system.

TAFE courses are designed with extensive training for entry into the workforce through its partnerships with over 25,000 established Australian companies. Graduates are competent and career-ready with skills, knowledge and nationally recognised qualifications.


  1. Practical approach

TAFE qualifications provide more hands-on learning than a university degree since it focuses on practical skill development relevant to industry needs. Most courses have embedded workshops, training, and work-integrated learning to apply theories into practice. TAFE institutions have world-class facilities and use industry-led equipment to replicate actual work environments.


  1. Accessible and flexible study option

TAFE institutes take pride in their accessibility. They typically have fewer and much lower entry requirements than any university. Some courses may also require the students to complete tests, interviews, portfolios and submit records of employment if any. One should note that higher education degrees at TAFE institutes will have higher entry requirements similar to universities. 

Students can finish their course at their own pace. The majority of TAFE institutions provide a variety of study options, including full-time, part-time, block study, distance learning or online.


  1. Great value for money

International students can jumpstart their education and career goals with TAFE institutes’ affordable but high-quality education. Tuition costs per semester can range from $4,000 – $15,000 for VET and $6,000 – $11,500 for degree courses.


TAFE Institutions in Australia

Over 50 TAFE institutions regulated by territory governments across Australia are available to international students so they can choose which location best suit their interests and lifestyle. Students can search for TAFE campus locations in the following states: 

  • TAFE Western Australia
  • TAFE New South Wales
  • TAFE Queensland
  • TAFE Victoria
  • TAFE South Australia
  • TAFE Tasmania
  • TAFE Australian Capital Territory 


Enrolling in TAFE institutions is a great option for post-secondary study towards more practical, work-based skills to improve students’ employability. With the vast range of courses and levels of study available, students are bound to find a course that fits their needs.

If you’re interested in sending your students to TAFE institutions, talk to our experts or visit the GSP platform for more details.

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