Feature Story: Zayan Shabbir Kazi


Course: MSc in Data Science

University: South East Technological University Carlow (Republic of Ireland)

Zayan has been studying for his Data Science MSc at South East Technological University (SETU) since September 2022. Originally from India, his first impression of Ireland was how cold and windy it can be. However, the warmth and friendliness of the Irish people has more than compensated for the inclement weather often experienced on the Emerald Isle. 

Starting a new course, let alone moving to a different country, can be a challenging time but Zayan’s experience at SETU has been extremely positive.  Interactive sessions, friendly staff and a good infrastructure made the transition seamless; helped by an excellent induction programme that included trekking and rugby matches.

Naturally, there are always challenges to be faced when undertaking a new phase in life. Finding accommodation can often be difficult and Zayhan’s experience was no different.  Through his own resourcefulness and assistance from the university, he secured a great place with excellent amenities.  If this sounds too good to be true, it’s also (in Zayhan’s own words) ‘cheap’.

When asked about advice he would give to students about to start their international university journey, Zayan recommends a range of strategies. Firstly, he suggests that flights should be bought at least 45 days before travelling – whether you have a visa or not. He also stresses that students should have the correct gadgets for their course – laptops, iPads, etc. On the issue of finding decent accommodation, he highly recommends doing plenty of research before arriving in the destination country, as this will alleviate a lot of stress when time should be focused on making new friends and preparing for your studies.

Zayan is thoroughly enjoying his studies at SETU and loving his time in Carlow, Ireland. The combination of an excellent university and a beautiful environment is contributing to a wonderful life experience. 

On a final note, Zayan is planning to enrol on GSP’s online internship programme to enhance his future employment prospects.

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