UK Government and leaders advocate for Graduate visa support

The UK government is carefully reviewing post-study work rights for international students, eager to meet the deadline set by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), 


Lord Offord of Garvel, the UK’s minister for exports, addressed stakeholders at the 2024 International Higher Education Forum organised by Universities UK regarding any potential economic effects of the policy changes. Offord reassured the audience of the government’s commitment to recognising the contribution of international students to the country and the broader academic landscape. “I wish to assure you that while appropriately examining the Graduate Route, we also recognise in government that international students have a significant impact, not only on the local economies but also on the student experience of their fellow classmates and indeed on the UK’s reputation around the world,” he stated. However, some stakeholders remain cautious following reports suggesting possible changes to the Graduate visa. 


Meanwhile, city leaders from major councils outside of London have voiced their support for the Graduate visa in a letter to Brian Bell, chair of the MAC. They highlighted the substantial net benefits—exceeding £5 billion—brought by international students to their regions. The economic significance of the Graduate visa is further underscored by recent analyses, which estimate its contribution to increased tax revenue and overall net benefits to the UK. 


Ongoing dialogue and collaboration between government officials, city leaders and higher education stakeholders reflect a collective effort to create an inclusive and supportive environment for international students.


As stakeholders await the outcome of the MAC review, there is a shared mission to ensure that any policy changes support the welfare and success of international students in the UK. By prioritising the needs of students and universities alike, the government aims to strengthen the country’s reputation as a premier destination for international education, while safeguarding the economic contributions of the higher education sector.


As the UK looks ahead to a future marked by global cooperation and innovation, these efforts will play a crucial role in shaping the future of international education in the UK. They will also have far-reaching implications for various sectors and the general landscape of international education for years to come.

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