Working in the UK after you graduate 

Embarking on a journey for higher education abroad is an exciting prospect. It’s a balance between building your dreams and putting in the hard work to make that happen. Many students have the United Kingdom at the top of their list for international study. Understandably so, given the wealth of opportunities in terms of study and career. It’s been a highly preferred study destination for many for its world-renowned institutions, academic excellence, and diverse lifestyle.

So even before students begin their study journey, they ask an important question: “Can you work in the UK after studies?” Fortunately, the answer is yes! Working in the UK after you graduate is definitely in the cards. Recent significant changes in the UK’s immigration policies, particularly concerning post-study work rights (PSWR) have presented new opportunities for international graduates to explore a future in the UK.


The Graduate Route

The UK Graduate visa allows international students to stay in the UK for up to two years after completing their studies. This could also go up to three years for doctoral students. This provides graduates with the opportunity to seek employment and gain practical work experience.

Eligible graduates are those who fulfill the following conditions:

  • are currently in the UK
  • are current holders of the Tier 4 (General) student visa
  • studied a UK bachelor’s degree, postgraduate degree or other eligible course for a minimum period of time
  • have had their education provider tell the Home Office of their completion of the course.

This transitional period provides an invaluable opportunity for graduates to explore job opportunities, gain practical work experience and potentially secure long-term employment and contribute to the UK workforce.


UK Graduate Visa vs. UK Work Visa

International graduates interested in working in the UK after masters or other studies need to secure the appropriate visa. The UK Graduate visa, introduced in 2021, has been specifically designed for international students to streamline the process of transitioning from education to employment. It provides an alternative pathway for graduates to stay and work in the UK for 2-3 years post-graduation.

The UK work visa, on the other hand, is a crucial document that facilitates legal employment in the country. There are various UK work visas available for foreign nationals who wish to work in the United Kingdom. Each one is specific to the individual applying. It depends on factors such as their skills, the type of job offer they have and the category under which they qualify.


Post-graduate options for international students

The UK boasts a vibrant job market with diverse opportunities across industries. International graduates are eligible to work in any role or sector. This offers them the flexibility to pursue careers aligned with their academic background and professional aspirations. With new post-study schemes introduced by the UK government, such as the UK graduate visa, international graduates are able to continue exploring their future in the UK after completing their studies. This inclusivity enhances the overall appeal of the UK as a destination for higher education, as it offers a more holistic and future-oriented educational experience.

International students must plan their post-graduate stay in the UK carefully, considering their career goals and the specific visa requirements. Additionally, as they navigate their post-study work options, it’s essential to stay informed about the latest immigration policies and visa requirements to make the most of the opportunities available in the UK job market.

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