Summer intake in the USA

While less popular than the fall intake, the summer intake in the USA remains an ideal choice for international students. There are fewer applicants during this period, boosting students’ chances […]

How to prepare for intakes in Australia

As a top study-abroad destination, Australia welcomes thousands of international students every year. It can get competitive, so the best way to ride the wave is to be well-prepared for […]

Intakes for masters in Australia

Australia is highly regarded around the globe.  It boasts natural landscapes, biodiverse wildlife, vibrant culture and, of course, its world-class education. Naturally, tons of students from many different countries dream […]

Semester 1, 2023 intakes are starting soon, are your students ready?

February and July are typically the two main intakes for Australian institutions, with a few institutions offering January, May or July intakes too.  

Remembering these intakes can be daunting, especially for education counsellors sending students to several destinations. So here’s a tip…

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