The five most popular courses for international students in Australia in 2023

The five most popular courses for international students in Australia in 2023

Every year, thousands of students worldwide fly to Australia to pursue their higher education. The international student community in Australia has always been huge and diverse, but in 2022, the greatest sources of the nation’s international students by far were China and India; from February to October 2022, a total of 173,307 students enrolled from the former, while a total of 121,860 students enrolled from the latter. 

Given the country’s reputation for academic excellence in a wide variety of fields, it’s not hard to see why Australia is such a popular choice. That being said, here are the five most popular courses for international students in Australia in 2023: 

  • Business and MBA

    Australia is home to countless higher education institutions that allow students to study different business areas, from accounting and human resources to advertising and sales. A business degree from a renowned Australian university can open up many doors for graduates, largely thanks to how Australian institutions connect their students to an impressive network of leading firms worldwide.

  • Society & Culture (Arts and Social Work) programs

    Designed to deepen students’ understanding of the world and the people in it, the Society and Culture programs in Australia are always of great interest to students with a passion for learning about different societies, environments, and cultures. Ultimately, these programs aim to equip students with the knowledge and tools they need to build a stronger and fairer world.

    Two of GSP’s best partner universities in Australia for Society and Culture programs are James Cook University (JCU) and the University of Newcastle. JCU offers two study areas in its Society and Culture cluster: Social Work, and Arts and Social Sciences. The former focuses on deepening students’ understanding of social justice and sustainability, while the latter includes 12 different majors that students can choose from, each offering a unique perspective on humanities and the arts. On the other hand, the University of Newcastle offers courses in 1) Sociology and Anthropology, 2) Social Analysis and Research, and 3) Society and Culture Specialties.

  • Commercial Cookery

    With hospitality being one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, studying commercial cookery is a popular choice amongst international students. This tracks well with Australia’s thriving restaurant scene and expert culinary schools. Students who take up commercial cookery will learn the art, science and craft of cooking for others in a professional setting, abiding by high standards and strict regulations.

  • Cybersecurity and IT

    Demand for cybersecurity and IT talent has been accelerating for years as the world becomes increasingly reliant on the internet and tech. Australia’s cyber security industry has a reputation for creating world-class products, thanks to its ideal environment for developing advanced cybersecurity solutions (robust legislation, advanced law enforcement capability, rigorous policy development, etc.). That being said, several of the world’s leading security companies have set up technical operations here, including NEC, Akamai Technologies, and Context Information Security.

  • Nursing and Health

    Out of the world’s top 50 institutions that teach nursing as named by the 2022 QS World University Rankings, 11 are from Australia. Nurses and health workers are always in demand in Australia (and across the globe). The fact that people are now living longer than ever before and are thus demanding more healthcare as they age only intensifies the already steep demand for these kinds of professionals.

One more thing you should take note of if you’re considering studying in Australia is that some of these popular programs will enable you to meet the country’s skills shortage. The Australian government released the 2022 Skills Priority List last October 2022,  identifying occupations that are in high demand in Australia. Meeting these skills can allow students the opportunity to stay in Australia after completing their studies. 

Are any of these programs piquing your interest? Contact our recruitment experts at GSP to learn more about these programs and our partner universities in Australia that specialise in your field of interest.  

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