GSP portal now features upGrad programs​

GSP portal now features upGrad programs

upGrad online programs are now live on the Global Study Partners portal.

With upGrad’s recent acquisition of GSP, the India-based integrated higher edtech leader now works closely with the latter, and has further expanded its market by featuring its many online courses in GSP’s all-in-one portal.

Agents can now explore a wide selection of Masters, Doctorates, and courses for working professionals from the numerous reputable universities, colleges and boot camps that they work with; such as Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Caltech, Fullstack Academy, Clark University and Swiss School of Business Management. Offering premium education, upGrad showcases online courses that are accredited and globally recognised, making them highly attractive study options for international students.

To guide agents in promoting these upGrad programs to interested students, the GSP portal features a substantial outline of each course, highlighting a short program summary, its duration, accreditations, start date, scholarships, rankings, a downloadable syllabus and more.

Why study online?

GSP’s collaboration with upGrad has expanded our reach and accessibility as online programs have been added into its large pool of offered courses. This new addition opens many new opportunities for agents and aspiring international students.

“I see upGrad and GSP empowering the study abroad sector by providing international students with access to a wide range of quality study overseas, online learning and blended learning opportunities,” Global Study Partners CEO Elaine Starkey said.

While studying abroad is a dream many students want to pursue, there are plenty of benefits to studying online, which may open countless job, career and further study abroad opportunities for online learners.

Here’s why studying online is an excellent entry point to studying abroad:

1. Studying online is cost-effective.

Studying online tends to be more affordable than in-person classes – especially abroad. By studying online, students already eliminate a large list of expenses from travel expenses (both international flights and apartment-to-school commutes) and accommodation costs to class materials, which are typically provided for free.

Even just a year of taking online programs before making the move to study abroad can save a student a lot of money.

Online study options also offer a wide range of payment alternatives that allow students pay in instalments, for instance, which aids in better budget management. The programs themselves are also usually cheaper, starting from US$5,000 to US$15,000. Scholarships can also further reduce the students’ expenses.

2. More time to prepare and adjust to new cultures

Studying online in global universities and colleges provides an avenue to learn more about the cultures of the institution’s home country, without being abruptly thrown into it.

Online students can learn about how professors and fellow students interact and communicate with each other, making it easier for them to adjust and feel comfortable around a foreign community once they start living abroad to continue or start new degrees.

Most of upGrad’s online learning programs are from globally renowned universities, so students can dip their toes into new cultures and communicate with people from all over the world before they commit to their big trip abroad in the future.

3. Studying online can save a lot of time and effort

Beyond saving money, studying online will save students time and effort as well. Without the need to physically travel to the international institution’s location, students will need to prepare much less paperwork and requirements.

This means that students no longer need to deal with the long processing times to secure a visa, and with the sales cycle taking out several steps, students can start preparing for their online degrees and certifications the same month as the program start date.

If the student intends to study abroad later, studying online first gives them more time to prepare for requirements that take long to process.

4. Online study offers more flexibility

For hustling adults with full-time on-site jobs, studying abroad in-person is impossible without having to put a pause on their career.

The flexibility of online study allows working professionals to still further their education and pursue higher degrees without needing to sacrifice their jobs. Most online programs allow the learners to study at their own time and pace, giving them the freedom to balance their work and study life.

5. International students don’t need to start in Year 1

As mentioned before, upGrad’s partner institutions offer online classes that are globally accredited, which means that these certifications can count for several courses and units once the student enrols overseas for in-person classes. If the student had taken up enough accredited courses online, they can skip Year 1 of their post-graduate degree abroad.

This subsequently results in the earlier points of saving money, time, and effort, as well as adjusting more quickly to the new environment once they step into their new, temporary home.

How to apply to an upGrad program

To help students apply to upGrad’s online study programs, agents need to click on a specific program and refer a student by submitting the required details on the portal. Agents who refer a student who successfully gets admitted to that program will receive a commission.

If you want to learn more, feel free reach out and ask information about upGrad’s online study options within the GSP portal by speaking to our team of business development experts.

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