Why study a postgraduate certificate or diploma in North America?

Why study a postgraduate certificate or diploma in North America?

A graduate qualification is often seen as necessary for career advancement in any industry, as employers often tend to favour candidates with advanced education. However, obtaining a graduate qualification doesn’t necessarily mean completing a master’s or PhD. Professionals with undergraduate degrees can pursue graduate qualifications through postgraduate certificates or diplomas. These programs offer industry-specific training and advanced concepts, making them an attractive option for those looking to further their education and career prospects.

What makes a postgraduate diploma or certificate an excellent option for students?

Less time to complete. A postgraduate certificate or diploma, which takes one or two years to finish, is an educational credential focused on providing skills needed for a specific field or industry. A postgraduate diploma takes more units than a postgraduate certificate, but both essentially equip the student with better qualifications or eligibility to practise a profession. 

Practical and affordable. For someone needing only a few units to settle into their career choice but doesn’t need to complete a graduate degree, earning a postgraduate certificate or diploma could be the most practical option. In most universities or colleges in North America, having a postgraduate diploma or certificate offers eligibility for a one-year post-study work permit.

Flexible and convenient. A postgraduate certificate or diploma need not be on the same path as the student’s previous degree. There is relatively wide freedom of choice for a postgraduate certificate or diploma program. Some universities even allow students to take postgraduate courses while working part-time.

To earn a postgraduate certificate or diploma, a student only needs to complete a few courses which target a particular topic or develop specific skill sets. Many postgraduate diploma or certificate curricula have internship opportunities related to the field of industry studied. 


There is an increase in demand for earning postgraduate certificates or diplomas in North America among international students. 


In the US, more than 3,000 universities are offering postgraduate diploma courses. The most popular of all courses offered is the postgraduate diploma in Management. Other sought-after courses in the country are human resource, marketing, banking and finance, operations and supply chain management, workplace safety, accounting, international hotel and tourism management, and more. 

Some of the requirements needed to apply for a postgraduate diploma course in the country include an English proficiency score(TOEFL/IELTS), a standardised test score (GRE/GMAT), a transcript of academic records, a CV or resume declaring the applicant’s professional and extracurricular accomplishments, letters of recommendation if required, and the corresponding application forms and application fees if so required. 

GSP partner institutions in the US offering postgraduate certificate or diploma courses. 

  • The University of California Extension ($7,900 to $10,300 USD per year)
  • Westcliff University ($9,120 to $18, 210 USD per year)
  • Weber State University ($6,632 US per year)
  • Montana State University ($9,257 USD per year)


In Canada, more than 15,000 programs from over 100 public and private universities are offered in various fields of study, making it globally recognised as a global centre for postgraduate courses. Popularly referred to as graduate diploma courses, these courses cover several disciplines, such as engineering, computer science, hospitality and tourism management, and supply chain management, among others. 

Some of the requirements to study a postgraduate course in Canada include academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a valid passport, current passport-size photographs, SOP, a resume, and proof of finance. 

GSP partner institutions in Canada are offering postgraduate certificate or diploma courses. 

  • Conestoga College ($15,383 CAD per year)
  • Sault College ($15,899 CAD per year)
  • University of the Fraser Valley ($14,400 CAD per year)
  • Cambrian College ($11,881 CAD per year)
  • Canadore College ($14,210 CAD per year)


The GSP platform has numerous partner universities and colleges in North America that offer postgraduate certificates and diplomas, providing students with more options to find a program that meets their needs and interests. Additionally, the application process for postgraduate certificates or diplomas is generally shorter than the traditional master’s degrees, so they can begin learning and advancing their career sooner than expected. Contact gspna@upgradgsp.com to find out more.

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