THE releases University Impact Rankings 2024

Times Higher Education (THE) has released the University Impact Rankings 2024, recognising the world’s most sustainable universities. The list is the only one that measures the contributions of academic institutions worldwide to the United Nations’ (UN’s) sustainable development goals (SDGs). It highlights universities’ roles in improving the world by addressing issues such as poverty and hunger, gender equality and climate action.


A commitment to sustainability

The THE University Impact Rankings 2024 uses the UN’s SDGs as a framework. However, institutions don’t need to submit data against all 17 goals to be recognised. Instead, they need only to provide information on their work towards at least one SDG. Those who want to be considered for the overall list must give details on their contributions to four SDGs (including goal 17 – to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development). THE, thus, schores universities based on their focused SDG, resulting in a diverse ranking.

THE chief global affairs officer Phil Baty underscores the importance of the list in emphasising the sector’s commitment to sustainable development in higher education. “Submitting data to Impact is a time-consuming and rigorous exercise every university has to undertake to be part of the ranking. Universities do this to show how important it is to them, and the communities they serve, that they’re standing up to be counted on their commitments to tackle the UN’s sustainable development goals, which is truly inspiring,” he remarked.

A total of 2,152 universities from 125 countries participated in the rankings this year, up from 1,075 in 2023.


Australia, the UK and India lead the list

Australia showed great success in the ranking with the most universities in the top 10 (four), including Western Sydney University, an upGrad GSP partner, at #1. Canada and the UK have two institutions in the top ranks, while the US and Denmark have one each.

The UK also holds a dominant position on the list; it has five universities in the number one position in multiple individual SDGs – more than any other country. It also boasts the most universities (25) in the world in the top 100 overall category.

India also made waves in this year’s ranking, sending the most universities to the list at 105. Turkey and Pakistan follow closely, with 91 and 89 institutions representing them respectively.

There are 595 newly ranked universities. 14 countries have also participated on the list for the first time this year, a majority of which hail from the African continent.


upGrad GSP Partner Institutions in the Top 100

upGrad GSP is proud to partner with some of the world’s most sustainable institutions:


We congratulate our partners for their commitment to building a better global higher education sector! Contact our business development experts to connect with these universities and learn more.

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