Ten top-tier European universities to study AI and Robotics

Ten top-tier European universities to study AI and Robotics 

The field of robotics has expanded rapidly in recent years, driven by advancements in computing power, sensor technology and of course, artificial intelligence. Today, we employ robotics and AI in a wide range of applications – from logistics and manufacturing to healthcare, agriculture and even entertainment. Because of this, the demand for professionals who can design robots and program AI has inevitably skyrocketed. It’s no question then that robotics and AI graduates will be sought after by big businesses left and right. 

However, with the growing demand for robotics experts comes a surge of aspiring students in the field. That’s why taking up a degree in a distinguished institution that provides high quality education will play a big role in getting ahead of the competition early on. The UK or EU is an excellent study destination for anyone pursuing a career in the field, and here are three reasons why: 

1. Strong Research and Innovation Ecosystems 

The UK and EU are home to some of the world’s leading universities, research institutions and tech companies, which makes them ideal places to study robotics and artificial intelligence. A number of these institutions boast world-class robotics research centres dedicated to developing new technology applications in the field. Europe also has a thriving startup ecosystem, with many innovative companies developing cutting-edge robotic systems and products. 

2. Excellent Job Opportunities 

Studying robotics and AI in the UK or EU can lead to a plethora of job opportunities in a variety of industries. In fact, according to the Western European government AI readiness index rankings, the UK is the best country within Western Europe to implement AI within public services, followed by Finland, Germany and Sweden. It is also noteworthy that many European countries are more AI-ready than the rest of the world (See graph below). 

With robotic innovations and artificial systems becoming essential parts of the manufacturing, transportation and healthcare industries, professionals who can design, engineer and maintain these systems will stay in demand in the long term.  

3. Access to Leading Robotics and AI Conferences and Events 

The UK and EU host many leading robotics and AI conferences and events, where students can learn about the latest research and technologies in the field. Some of the most prominent events include the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), the AI Summit UK and the European Robotics Forum (ERF). Attending these events can be an excellent way for students in the UK/EU to network with experts and discover the latest trends in the field.  

The Best UK and EU Institutions to Study Robotics and AI 

GSP’s wealth of academic partners include a variety of top-rated, award-winning institutions that are home to expert lecturers in the robotics and AI fields. 

Here’s a rundown of our robotics and AI partner institutions, and why they are great places to pursue degrees in the field: 


1. Buckinghamshire New University (England, UK) 

Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) is a public-university that is widely known for its unparalleled services for student experience. As the only UK university to offer its Student Union members free access to a wide range of activities and events to enrich student life (e.g. sports, parties, skills workshops and community volunteering), BNU was ranked among the Top 5 for Student Satisfaction by the National Student Survey in 2022 and the Top 10 for International Study by the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2022. 

BNU’s AI/Robotics programs offer exciting hands-on experiences for students to explore how computing and machinery are changing the business landscape. These degrees include: 

  • MSc Artificial Intelligence 
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science 


2. London Metropolitan University (London, UK) 

London Metropolitan University (London Met) is a public research university that integrates work-related learning in their wide array of programs – offering placement, client project and on-campus work experience. London Met placed 9th among the top UK universities (teaching quality), according to the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023. Located in London, this university also offers exciting experiences for students to explore and live the highly coveted London city life.  

At London Met, students will be equipped with key robotics and AI skills that will hone them to become well-rounded tech professionals in their respective industries. Here are their programs: 

  • BEng (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering and Robotics 
  • BEng (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering and Robotics (including foundation year) 
  • MSc Robotics with Artificial Intelligence 


3. University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK) 

Recognised for its outstanding levels of student satisfaction, the University of Aberdeen is a consistent UK Top 20 and World Top 200 university, according to the Guardian Rankings. Also ranked 4th in the UK for overall student satisfaction (National Student Survey 2022), 13th in the UK in the Guardian University Guide 2023 and 19th in the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023, this prestigious 528-year-old public research university is also very diverse and inclusive and is home to a community of more than 130 nationalities, with 14,000 students and 3,600 staff. 

These highly ranked Single Honours courses at the University of Aberdeen are ready to equip its students with the knowledge and skills for a career in the booming robotics, AI and automation sector: 

  • MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Robotics 
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering with Biomechanics 
  • BEng Engineering (Mechanical) 
  • BEng Engineering (Electronic and Software) 
  • MEng Engineering in Electronic and Software Engineering 
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering 
  • MSci Computing Science with Industrial Placement 
  • MA Computing 
  • BSc Computing Science 


4. University of Aberystwyth (Wales, UK) 

The University of Aberystwyth is another top-ranked university renowned for student experience and teaching excellence. It is ranked 1st in England and Wales for student satisfaction (National Student Survey 2022) and is consistently ranked high by Good University Guide, The Times and Sunday Times: 

  • Top in Wales for Teaching Excellence and student satisfaction (2023) 
  • Top 40 University in the UK (2022) 
  • Best University in the UK (2021) 
  • Welsh University of the Year (2020) 

The Research Excellence Framework in 2021 also stated that 98% of research at Aberystwyth University is at an internationally recognised standard or higher, guaranteeing aspiring students top quality education that allows students to apply their learnings in some of society’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, global health and space exploration. Here are their robotics and AI courses: 

Single Honours: 

  • BSc Artificial Intelligence and Robotics  
  • BSc Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (with integrated year in industry)  
  • BSc Robotics and Embedded Systems Engineering  
  • BEng Robotics and Embedded Systems Engineering (with integrated year in industry)  
  • BSc Space Science and Robotics  

Integrated Masters: 

  • MEng Robotics and Embedded Systems Engineering 
  • MEng Robotics and Embedded Systems Engineering (with integrated year in industry)  


5. University of Bedfordshire (England, UK) 

The University of Bedfordshire is an internationally recognised and award-winning public research institution with a heritage of quality education that goes back to more than a century. The university is ranked 128th in 2023 by the Complete University Guide and 801st in the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education. It is also worth noting that Bedfordshire is a cosmopolitan capital with some of the most diverse communities in the UK, making it a vibrant place to live and study. 

The University of Bedfordshire gives a strong focus on employability, with many of its courses offering a year in industry or work placements. The university offers one AI/Robotics course: 

  • BSc (Hons) Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 


6. Queen’s University Belfast (Northern Ireland) 

A world-class international university founded in 1845, Queen’s University Belfast is a member of the elite Russell Group (the UK’s Ivy League) and is one of the oldest universities in the UK and Ireland. With over 3,800 international students from 92 different countries, Queen’s University is ranked 17th in the world for international outlook, according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022. The university is located in Belfast, which has the lowest cost of living in the UK, while being populated by a friendly community where any international student can feel at home. 

Queen’s University is also ranked 1st in the UK for research intensity (Complete University Guide 2022). The university is built on teaching excellence, leading-edge research, innovation, collaboration, and engagement. They currently offer one AI course: 

  • BSc Data Science with Year of Professional Experience 


7. IU International University of Applied Sciences (Bad Honnef, Germany) 

Founded in 1998, IU International University was the first German university to achieve a five-star QS rating, topping the ranks in program structure, technology, graduate employability and student-faculty engagement. Additionally, 96% of the university’s students recommend studying there, and 94% of their graduates find a job within the first three months of graduating. 

IU is recognised for being a highly innovative university—which is perfect for aspiring robotics and AI professionals. Here is a list of their courses in the field: 

  • BEng Robotics 
  • BSc Bachelor of Applied Artificial Intelligence 
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence 
  • MBA Artificial Intelligence 


8. University of Brighton (England, UK) 

The University of Brighton is a multi-campus university on the south coast of England, ranked in the top 50 universities in England for graduate outcomes by the Complete University Guide 2023. Brighton is also ranked in the top 100 cities worldwide and the top 10 in the UK in the QS rankings for best student cities. The university’s roots can be traced back to 1858 when its School of Art was opened, and it achieved its university status in 1992. 

For this university, grades are never the whole picture. Brighton encourages its students to be curious and hone their creativity, resourcefulness, and persistence – qualities that any AI expert need to thrive in their industries. Here’s what students can take up in the field: 

  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence 


9. Birmingham City University (England, UK) 

Birmingham City University is a large and diverse institution, home to over 30,000 students from more than 100 countries. With a focus on practice-based learning, this reputable university is among the top 100 universities in the UK for higher studies (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023). The People & Planet University League’s annual report also recognised Birmingham City University as a leading university, ranking the university 26th in the UK and 3rd within the West Midlands. 

Students who wish to pursue degrees related to AI/robotics can take up one of a vast array of programs at Birmingham City University: 

  • BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering (with or without a Foundation Year) 
  • BEng (Hons) Biomedical Engineering 
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology (with or without a Foundation Year) 
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (with or without a Foundation Year) 
  • BSc (Hons) Computing (Level 6 | Top-up) 
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science 
  • BSc (Hons) Computing and Information Technology (with or without a Foundation Year) 
  • MEng Electronic Engineering 
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence 
  • MSc Smart Manufacturing 
  • MSc Advanced Computer Science 
  • MSc Computer Science 
  • MSc Advanced Computer Networks 
  • MSc Medical Engineering Applications for Healthcare 
  • MSc Medical Imaging Technology 
  • PhD Engineering Research Degrees 
  • PhD Computing Research Degrees 
  • PGCE Secondary Computer Science 


10. Keele University (England, UK) 

Keele University is a public research institute recognised globally for its expertise in teaching and research that challenges the world’s most urgent problems. Keele University is ranked #1 in the UK by the Student Crowd University Awards in 2022 and is awarded Global Sustainability Institution of the Year by the International Green Gown Awards in 2021. The university also maintains a remarkable graduate employability rate at 96%, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency. 

International students looking to take up an AI degree can pursue:  

  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) – with or without a Foundation Year 
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science 
  • MSc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence (100% online) 
  • MSc/LLM Law, Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies 


Studying the rapidly evolving fields of robotics and AI in the UK or EU can provide students with access to some of the world’s leading research institutions. This leads to countless job opportunities in a myriad of industries and innovative companies. Our partners offer a wide range of AI and robotics programs, so for students, it’s a matter of choosing the right course and institution that suit their needs, interests and career goals. 

To learn more about the AI and robotics programs our partners in Europe offer, contact our team today. 

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