Studying in the UK: Essential resources for students and recruitment agents

With its exceptional academic standards, globally recognised universities, and rich culture, the United Kingdom is full of great opportunities for international students. If you’re thinking about pursuing your studies in the UK, or if you’re an agent looking to sharpen up your recruitment strategies, here are some essential resources about studying in the UK that you shouldn’t skip on reading. 


UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) is the UK’s national advisory body for supporting international students in the UK and those who work with them. The organisation provides all kinds of advice about studying in the UK, from dealing with immigration and fees and mental health to managing culture shock and orientation. The UKCISA also supports international students through its helpline and its ambassador program, the latter run for and by international students themselves. 

As for recruitment agents, UKCISA promotes opportunities for greater student mobility and encourages best practices in order to provide the highest quality of institutional support for international students. One of the several ways they are doing this now is by creating training days for universities and other organisations so they can continually improve how they support international students.


Study UK (The British Council)

Study UK by the British Council provides tons of practical information on studying in the UK as an international student, such as what the application process is like for UK universities and what qualifications must be met in order to be granted a scholarship, among other things. If you’re looking for authentic stories from international students in the UK, the Study UK website also features a page that’s dedicated to sharing testimonials on student life in the UK. The website can also direct you to approved agents in your country that can further support you in your application to a UK university. 


Study UK’s toolkit for agents 

This toolkit created by Study UK is perfect for recruitment agents who are working with internationally students and their families. It offers the latest information on preparing to study in the UK, student safety and wellbeing, the new Graduate Route, and how to complete course application forms. The toolkit also includes various branded videos you can use and merchandise you can print and give to your students, such as notebooks, bags and pens.


Student Centred Learning Toolkit for students, staff and higher education institutions

In this toolkit created by the European Student Union (ESU), you’ll find advice on the principles, definition, and application of student centred learning for academics and institutions. It’s a product of extensive research and training on the part of ESU, designed to help teaching staff, students, and institutional leaders understand effectively implement SCL for the benefit of students. 


Student Minds 

As a mental health charity and the UK’s biggest website on student wellbeing and mental health, Student Minds empowers students to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to look after their own mental health. Apart from sharing resources on how to improve students’ mental health (i.e.  links to charities, helplines, running groups on campus, articles about tips on staying mentally healthy at university), the organisation also trains students and staff from universities across the UK to deliver student-led peer support interventions and research-driven workshops and campaigns. 


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