Our new Senior Partnerships Manager- North America

One of the most integral elements of a successful organisation is passion. And if you were to look for an embodiment of passion, you must meet Catherine Wilson, Global Study Partner’s Senior Partnerships Manager – North America.

With a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and post-graduate in International Development, Cath has led a career that has taken her all around the globe, where she dedicated her time helping students, improving communities and supporting disaster-stricken families.

Cath started her career working in Disaster Relief and International Development. Having spent a decade travelling and working around the world, she found herself working for the Ministry of Education in Loas, South Africa and Fiji. This involved building schools, creating sustainable community development projects and holding English language training programs.

To grow student participation in her projects, Cath worked closely with representatives from various colleges and universities in Australia, the US, UK and Canada, which soon became her entryway into the Higher Education industry. She then started a new job as an international student recruitment advisor for Global University Systems Canada.

Today, she is one of our valued senior partnership managers, who works tirelessly to grow and maintain relationships with our North American partners. Since joining our team, she has already achieved great feats that have helped in our organisation’s growth: she has been the face of GSPNA for almost two years now, has acquired and worked with over 200 partnerships in her region, and had played a large role in acquiring our AIRC certification.

Her secret? Her love for her job. “I really enjoy working with our regional directors and absolutely love engaging with our staff from around the world,” Cath shared. She will soon have her second work anniversary with GSP in January 2023.

Apart from her work, Cath also loves being around her family and friends. In her free time, you’ll find her in the mountains or scaling a rock – she enjoys staying active and testing her limits!

“I still love the idea of working with the international community to offer the most valuable asset in the world – an education.” – Catherine Wilson.

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