Meet Angelica Ortiz, GSP’s North America Admission Executive

Global Study Partners North America welcomes Angelica Ortiz from Colombia as their new Admissions Executive. Passionate about people, culture, language, and travel, she facilitates the admissions process for GSP students in North America, guiding students as they expand their horizons by pursuing their higher education abroad.

Angelica holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. This year marks her fourth year in the international educational education industry, where she started out as an agent supporting the projects of Latin Americans who wanted to study in Australia. It was through this job that she was given the opportunity to travel to Brisbane and Sydney.

Since then, Angelica’s career in international education has experienced plenty of growth. She has worked within the education industries of some of the world’s most sought after study destinations, such as Canada, the United States, Malta, and Dubai. Her experiences with each of these countries have given her a multitude of insights on their processes, academic offerings, and opportunities for international students.

What Angelica loves most is seeing how students fulfill their dreams and start building a life abroad. As a new member of the North American Admissions team, she will continue to help more and more students broaden their horizons with GSP’s huge, effective network of agents and institutions. 

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