Irish education flourishes with new opportunities

Irish education flourishes with new opportunities

Through its pursuit of academic excellence and affordability, Ireland now stands as a preferred destination for international students, breaking barriers post-Brexit. Ireland has witnessed a remarkable spike in international student enrolment. In the academic year 2020-2021, over 25,000 students chose Ireland, marking an almost 90% increase since 2007-2008. By 2022-2023, this number surged to an impressive 35,140, showcasing Ireland’s allure for aspiring students.  

Adding to Ireland’s appeal is its booming technology industry, which hosts major players such as Google, Microsoft and TikTok. This provides international students the chance to experience innovation and prepares them for favourable career opportunities after completing their studies. Dublin’s recognition as a central hub for the world’s 10 largest ICT companies increases the employment prospects for graduates. Aside from economic opportunities and quality education, Ireland distinguishes itself for its inclusive and supportive environment for international students. Its graduate scheme or post-study work visa aids international students in navigating their career paths.  

SELT unlocks more opportunities in Irish universities 

Furthermore, the Skills for English: SELT by the Central Admissions Office in Ireland is expected to expand more opportunities for international students, broadening their access to educational avenues worldwide. The Skills for English: SELT opens doors to numerous globally renowned universities. Some of upGrad GSP’s partner institutions accept this assessment, such as: Trinity College Dublin and University College Cork. 


The Central Admissions Office is an organisation that processes applications for undergraduate courses in Irish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). They are tasked with overseeing admission processes across Irish universities, has outlined the entry requirements criteria for applicants from EU/EFTA/UK. This includes the minimum B2 Pass with Merit, which widens these prospective students’ educational access. This solidifies the credibility of Skills for English: SELT but also underscores its commitment to global educational access. The primary eligibility standard entails achieving at least a B2 Pass with Merit and a scale score of 160–179 (grade B or C) in the exam, and will be awarded with the First Certificate in English at Level B2. This requirement extends to various entry levels, encompassing pre-degree courses (higher or advanced certificates) and undergraduate courses (ordinary or honours bachelor’s degrees). 


The comprehensive criteria incorporated the acknowledgment of Skills for English: SELT which is available on the Central Admissions Office website (CAO Website), specifically detailed on page 11. Check out upGrad GSP’s partners in the list of participating institutions on page six: 


For international students, this signals expanded educational horizons and increased accessibility to top-tier institutions in Ireland. Ireland’s economic strength, academic excellence and robust support systems makes it an increasingly attractive option for international students seeking a global education and a promising future. Additionally, Ireland, with its vibrant and diverse academic community and promising employment opportunities, emerges as an ideal study destination.  


To know more about study options and our partner institutions across Ireland, please visit our upGrad GSP platform or contact our Business Development Managers for more information.  

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