Ireland launches International Talent and Innovation Strategy – Global Citizens 2030

Last 15 January, Ireland launched a comprehensive plan, entitled “Global Citizens 2030 – Ireland’s International Talent and Innovation Strategy,” aimed at positioning the country as a premier destination for international students, researchers and innovators. Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris, outlined the strategy’s goals, including a 10% growth in the number of global learners by 2030 which is described as “moderate” to balance the need for more global talent.  

Ireland’s vision for global talent 

In its pursuit to become a ‘first choice’ destination, Ireland plans to foster enduring relationships with international learners through its Global Citizens 2030 strategy, “We want to attract the best generation of international learners, researchers and innovators to Ireland,” Minister Harris stated.The government aims to strike a balance between attracting more global talent and addressing logistical constraints, such as accommodation availability, environmental sustainability and cost of living concerns.  

Collaboration with the UK and Northern Ireland

A significant aspect of Ireland’s strategy is increased collaboration with the UK, including Northern Ireland. The plan involves developing new mobility and exchange schemes for students and researchers, reinforcing commitments such as ensuring the access of Northern Ireland students to the Erasmus+ exchange program for Northern Irish students despite the UK leaving the European Union’s program.  

Core objectives

Minister Harris emphasised that the strategy goes beyond attracting international students.  
It also involves partnering with industries to recruit high-calibre PhD students tackling global challenges. The core objectives include:  

  1. talent and innovation at the heart of Ireland’s global footprint 
  2. a first-choice destination for international learners, researchers and innovators 
  3. global citizens in multi-national, multi-cultural and diverse workforces
  4. enhanced European influence in education and research 
  5. a new era of collaboration on our shared island 
  6. thought leadership in talent, innovation and science policy. 

Measurement and progress

To gauge the success of the strategy, performance indicators such as retention and satisfaction of international students, employer satisfaction with graduate competencies and mobility rates will be tracked. Minister Harris highlighted that this commitment sends a clear message of Ireland’s dedication to maintain a global, diverse society. Minister Harris expressed optimism that this strategy will position Ireland as a beacon of hope and educational opportunity on the global stage. 


Ireland’s Global Citizens 2030 strategy aims not only to attract international students but also to address global challenges through research and innovation. The focus on collaboration with the UK, particularly Northern Ireland, reinforces Ireland’s commitment to fostering strong educational and research ties.  


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