Europe scholarships for international students

Around 100,000 scholarships and financial support schemes are available to international students studying in Europe. Each European Union (EU) country has its own offerings, from government-sponsored scholarships to private grants. Here’s a list of Europe scholarships for international students. 


Here are some of the best scholarships for international students in Europe that apply to multiple territories:

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters is one of the most recognised MBA scholarships in Europe for international students. The program consists of prestigious international master’s degrees designed and delivered by several institutions and associated partners from different countries. It awards partial and full scholarships covering travel, visa, and living allowance. Students who enrol and finish the program gain either a joint degree or multiple degrees. 

Erasmus+ Exchange

The Erasmus+ program allows international students to study in one of 33 European countries for three to 12 months. Those enrolled don’t have to pay tuition fees for their time abroad. Some eligible students may even receive a grant to cover living costs and travel expenses. Study a Master’s in Europe Scholarship

The Study a Master’s in Europe scholarship from awards a €5000 grant to a student from any country who will be studying a master’s degree abroad at a European university or graduate school. Applicants must fill out a form and submit a short essay about their study-abroad plans and how these will help them grow as globally-minded leaders.


Students pursuing an education in France can avail of the following scholarships and grants:

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program

Established by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program supports international students studying master’s and PhD programs in French higher education institutions. Master’s students can get 12 to 36 months of funding, enabling them to receive a master’s-level degree. PhD candidates can receive financial support from six to 36 months depending on certain circumstances. For both set-ups, eligible scholars receive a monthly allowance plus additional direct services, such as international airfare, domestic travel support, insurance and cultural activities. 

Make Our Planet Great Again (MOPGA) Initiative

The MOPGA initiative grants fellowships to foreign researchers who wish to carry out climate change-related research in France. It shall award 40 fellowships for 12 months, which include benefits like:

  • €2500 monthly allowance
  • €500 moving allowance
  • health insurance plans.
  • Excellence-Major Grant Program

The Excellence-Major Grant program is awarded to foreign students holding a French Baccalaureate in addition to an AEFE Excellence Grant from any country. It’s given to 150 to 200 grantees each year, and candidates receive a monthly allowance with a standard rate to allow them continued studies.


As a key study-abroad destination, Germany offers some of the best bachelor scholarships for international students in Europe. These include:

DAAD Scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides several scholarships to students who wish to study in Germany at various degree levels. Their scholarship catalogue gives access to over 170 options, including programs exclusive to certain fields, nationalities, professions, etc. 

Einstein Visiting Fellowship

The Einsten Visting Fellowship aims to integrate foreign research into Berlin’s science community on a sustainable basis. It funds the work of renowned scientists from abroad who are hoping to set up their own research group in the city. The grant can last up to four years with a cap of €750,000.

Heinrich Böll Stiftung Scholarships

The Heinrich Böll Foundation grants scholarships to about 1,500 undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students of all subjects and nationalities every year. These are available to students with excellent academic records, social and political engagement and an active interest in ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self-determination and justice. 


Students taking up programs in Italy may consider the following financial support options:

Italian Government Scholarships

The Italian government offers scholarships for foreign residents studying in Italy and Italian citizens residing abroad. These grants are offered for the following types of courses:

  • master’s degrees
  • courses of higher education in arts, music and dance
  • research under academic supervision
  • Italian language and culture courses.

Funding may cover tuition fees and health insurance and may include a monthly allowance. It may also apply to three, six or nine-month durations.

Invest Your Talent in Italy Program

Supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, the Invest Your Talent in Italy program offers scholarships and student support services to selected students. It’s available to students from:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Colombia
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Kazakhstan
  • Mexico
  • Turkey
  • Tunisia
  • Vietnam.

They must be taking a master’s or postgraduate program in Italy in the fields of engineering or ICT, economics or management and design or architecture. They may choose from over 130 courses from 22 top Italian universities across 18 cities in the country.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands also has multiple scholarship options for international students. Some flexible ones that may apply to different programs and universities are:

NL Scholarship

Formerly the Holland Scholarship, the NL Scholarship is meant for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands. It’s financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and several Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences.

Students who receive the NL scholarship receive €5,000 in the first year of their studies. It is not a full-tuition scholarship.

MENA Scholarship Program (MSP)

The MENA Scholarship Program is designed for young professionals from the Middle East and North Africa taking short courses in the Netherlands. It aims to build bridges by offering opportunities for capacity building and enabling impact-makers to participate in specialised programs. It applies to a limited selection of working professionals up to 45 years old from the following countries:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Mauritania
  • Morocco
  • Oman
  • Tunisia
  • Syria (if the applicant is living and working in one of the aforementioned countries).

The scholarship allows candidates to follow a fully-funded short-course study program in the Netherlands for a period of two to 13 weeks.

The Desmond Fortes Scholarship

The Desmond Fortes Scholarship is for professionals from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Carribean, Eastern Europe and Central Asia who are employed within FMO’s (Dutch development bank) client network and have a strong interest in green finance.


Spain awards multiple scholarships every year to thousands of international students looking to pursue education in their prestigious academic institutions. Here are some worthwhile options:

Spain Government Scholarships

The Spanish government grants both partially-funded and full scholarships to domestic and international students. These apply to a wide range of study fields and in undergraduate, master’s and doctoral-level programs. There are multiple options available on the Ministry of Education, Professional Formation and Sports website.

Spanish Studies Abroad Scholarships

Spanish Studies Abroad (SSA) has awarded over $230,000 in scholarships since 2001 to students attending SSA regular academic programs in select countries, including Spain. They offer two scholarship opportunities: a Merit-Based Scholarship and a Diversity Scholarship.

The Merit-Based Scholarship is for students with a strong passion for Spanish and Latin American cultures. Meanwhile, the Diversity Scholarship is for students from diverse backgrounds, particularly those underrepresented in study abroad programs.

SSA scholarships can’t be applied to program costs (i.e. tuition). Instead, the amount is meant to offset extra expenses while abroad, such as flights, transportation, housing, etc.


Switzerland is a great study-abroad destination, and it further entices students from around the world thanks to a selection of scholarships, such as:

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Each year, the Swiss Confederation awards Government Excellence Scholarships to young foreign researchers who have completed a master’s degree or PhD and foreign artists holding a bachelor’s degree. Its goal is to promote international exchange and research cooperation between Switzerland and over 180 other countries.

Nestle Scholarship for Women

The Nestle Scholarship for Women program aims to encourage women, especially those from developing countries, to take a master’s program in Switzerland. Applicants must submit an essay answering a specified question that changes every round. It awards ₣25,000 to one candidate who shall go to the IMD Business School.

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