Education New Zealand launches campaign for international students

Amidst the dynamic landscape of international education, Education New Zealand (ENZ) has introduced an initiative named ‘Learn New Every Day.’ This campaign aims to attract international students from around the world to explore countless educational experiences and job opportunities offered in New Zealand.  

New Zealand’s response and recovery 

The ‘Learn New Every Day’ campaign is a response towards the growing community of international students and a way to prioritise their welfare. During pre-COVID times, international students generated a substantial $3.8 billion for New Zealand’s economy. Despite a significant decrease to $800 million during the peak of the pandemic, the educational landscape has been quickly recovering since then. At the start of March 2023, approximately 34,000 international students owned study visas for New Zealand, marking a 98% increase since the border reopened. Compared to December 2019 and February 2020, the count of approved visas from December 2022 to February 2023 accounted for around two-thirds of the approvals recorded. Based on New Zealand’s Statistics Department, international students contributed $6 billion to New Zealand’s economy through their work and increased productivity in both 2019 and 2022. The report also suggests that New Zealand economy has the potential to grow and return to pre-pandemic levels by 2030 and confirms that NZ’s internal education to become a vibrant, sustainable and resilient sector.  

Campaign details and approach 

‘Learn New Every Day’ depicts international student experiences, curated to showcase the distinctive appeal of a New Zealand education. ENZ’s Global Brand Manager, Nick Sinclair, said that the campaign involved a mix of current international and domestic students from primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions. “A New Zealand education experience is as much about the adventure, social experiences and our unique culture and landscapes, as it is about the high-quality study opportunities that we offer,” he added.  

Target audience and market focus 

Geoff Bilbrough, General Manager of Marketing and Communication for ENZ, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the campaign’s goal to capture the essence of learning and discovery through the lens of students. “We wanted to capture the essence of what it is really like to study with New Zealand, taking the perspective of a learner as they encounter new experiences, and convey the excitement and emotion as they go through their day,” he affirmed.


The campaign will run at least 18 months and spans key markets, including China, India, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan, targeting students aged 16 to 24 and their parents. Its scope extends across various educational sectors, encompassing high schools, universities, English-language schools and private institutions. The campaign’s resources comprise videos of different durations, digital banners and materials for offline promotion, such as banners and other items. These assets are available in both English and the local languages of the targeted countries. 

Campaign execution and impact 

The campaign offers a glimpse into top-notch universities, quality education, job opportunities, and cultural and natural landscapes in New Zealand. Furthermore, its message not only beckons prospective students but also reassures discerning parents seeking a comprehensive educational experience for their children considering studying abroad. As Nick emphasised, “They were really excited about the opportunity to take part in the decision-making process for other students and their parents as they choose their overseas study destination.” Geoff also stated that the featured imagery in the campaign reflects what international students are looking for in a New Zealand education.


‘Learn New Every Day’ represents ENZ’s steadfast commitment to redefining global education standards. The campaign unfolds a narrative of offering more than just an academic pursuit—but a welcoming invitation for international students in embracing the diversity and culture that lies at heart of New Zealand.


To learn more about the exciting study opportunities available for international students in New Zealand, please visit our platform or contact our Business Development Managers for more information.

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