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Spread over nine countries and 250 cities, Amber is the world’s largest student housing marketplace. The future is exciting and full of limitless possibilities. It is constantly evolving with a 35x growth rate, about 80 million students count on us to help them discover housing options within their desired locations and fulfilling their experience of moving abroad accessible and hassle-free. We believe in the phrase “Life’s short. Work somewhere awesome.“ and live by it, ALWAYS!


Unilodgers is the world's largest student housing provider. Originally launched in the UK, Unilodgers now has over 1.5 million student rooms listed across more than 1500 universities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the USA and Australia. Unilodgers connects over 5 million students with student housing that suits their individual needs every year.


2Stay is an Australian company that for over a decade has offered quality accommodation solutions for international visitors in Australia, most of them students. We have a footprint across four states of Australia, accommodating students in any of our options that range from shared accommodation to homestay. They are modern, comfortable and secure spaces, ensuring that they have a positive and enriching experience during their stay.


UniLodge knows safety is a priority for students and their families, which is why all UniLodge apartments come with ample security features, including cameras and swipe card access for lifts and doors. No matter which of our properties you decide to call home, rest assured you’ll always feel safe in your UniLodge student accommodation. Live close to uni, study hard, and join in the fun!


We specialise in developing and operating purpose-built student accommodation that provides so much more than a place to stay. A people-first culture shapes our vibrant, welcoming and enriching student communities, specifically designed for today’s student preferences. This culture creates opportunities for our employees to build their skills, explore their potential and, in turn, ensure we deliver against high expectations. With a passion for excellence and a can-do attitude, our team is made of so much more, striving every day to support our residents through their time with Urbanest.


Homestay is a cultural exchange between an international student and a local individual or family in the host country. The “host” provides accommodation and support for an agreed-upon period of time and rate. Homestays can be tailored to provide meals, assistance and other activities. Homestay is designed to support international students to learn about the host country’s culture, lifestyle and improve their language skills. Students learn to understand the language, culture and customs of the region in which they are studying. Many students make life-long friends with their host.

At Global Study Partners, we are dedicated to linking international students with education providers worldwide. GSP enables digital transformation in student recruitment through our unique all-in-one technology platform.

To provide students around the world with access to educational choices that will positively change their lives and ultimately impact the world for the better.

Our mission is to connect recruitment partners globally with education providers globally through a unique online B2B Edtech platform that enables students to access the most comprehensive
selection of study options anywhere in the world.

We embrace our mission and live it every day and we are committed to transforming lives through education!

At GSP we pride ourselves on providing information that is accurate and transparent, offering personalised services that are unrivalled in international education. We are passionate about building and nurturing strong partnerships and value diversity, integrity and collaboration. Engagement with our staff, institutional partners and recruitment partners enables us to learn more and informs our service offerings

We take accountability for providing even more opportunities and greater options for students who wish to study abroad.

We believe our GSP technology is beautiful and highly functional. Our software is the expression of commitment to our partners to bring meaningful process to student recruitment and contribute to achievement of better business outcomes.

GSP has recast the traditional international student recruitment model into one that is more collaborative, more integrated, more transparent, more comprehensive, and more intimate. It is a shared business model, offered without cost, where we focus our technology to create competitive advantages for our recruitment and institutional partners.

Founded on the digital disruption approach , Elaine Starkey and Bipul Kafley were determined to create a compelling proposition for the international education sector. That early vision started with a proto-type Course Search and apply function in 2014. After visiting Kathmandu for an initial proof of concept Elaine experienced firsthand the problems that students faced when embarking to study overseas.

The industry was manual , paper based, low/no tech and lacking in transparent and choice. This resulted in students often being placed in the wrong course and institution. Elaine was driven by addressing this lack of access and choice to deliver the best possible outcome for the student as she understood the enormous sacrifices parents make every day to send their students to study overseas. GSP Nepal was the first international office to provide more diverse and equitable access for Nepalese students to quality institutions.

From that early vision, GSP started to build a small central team in Australia – Kevin Morgan COO and Director, John McPartland VP International, Nicole Zabbal Director partnerships/student services This was followed by the opening of our first offshore offices in India – Shivali Mahendale, Nepal – David Shakya, and Vietnam – Annie Hua. Each day, we were learning from our experience and planning how to assist students in connecting with education institutions with a far better experience.

Today, that original GSP website is now a revolutionary cloud-based tech platform that is widely used as a tool to drive vital business operations in international student recruitment.

Creating a two-sided EdTech marketplace for international student recruitment needed careful consideration of staff from across the international education and technology spectrum. Our small central team formed a solid foundation for GSP to rapidly extend its global footprint.

In conjunction with GSP’s Chairman and advocate, Jim FitzSimons, Elaine quickly established an outstanding board of directors with deep domain experience in international education and technology.

This led to the addition of Vienne Baker – VP of conversions and compliance and Marcel Creed- Global VP recruitment. Together with Kevin Morgan and the GSP development team, Vienne first focused on codifying the GSP methodology to position the technology platform to rapidly scale.

GSP know 2020 has been a difficult year for the international education sector, we have set up additional offices to help support our institutional and recruitment partners. Led by Marcel Creed , GSP continued growth and expansion opening GSP Pakistan, GSP Brazil, GSP Bangladesh, GSP Sri Lanka and GSP Canada. We have added to our leadership teams in our markets and continuously seek to provide better outcomes for our partners.

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