5 Reasons to Study in the UK

Discover what the United Kingdom has to offer as one of the world’s more desired places to study for international students! Here is a list of 5 reasons to UK may be the best study destination for you.

Unique Culture

The UK’s diversity has contributed to a rich culture of understanding and celebration which is bound tomake any international student fit right in, no matterwhat walk of life.

  • The UK is a hub of diverse cultures, creating a uniqueexperience for international students.
  • It is the second most popular destination forinternational students, recording 458,520 studentsfrom 2017-18 according
  • The UKcelebrates LGBTQ individuals, with multiple LGBTrelics being ingrained and celebrated in UK cultureresulting in an accommodating and acceptingenvironment for all.


  • Given that degree programs in the United Kingdom are frequently shorter, students will receive the most “bang for their buck” by pursuing a British education.
  • Studying in the UK is less expensive than studying at similarly rated universities in the United States or Australia.
  • You also don’t need as much money in your bank account to apply for a student visa in the UK, with only £16,000 required.

Quality Education

  • Nearly a fifth of the world’s top 50 universities were in the UK, according to the QS World University Rankings 2020.
  • The UK is home to various world-class educational institutions that rank highly internationally, attracting some of the world’s most determined scholars.
  • UK institutions are also known for producing highly qualified academics, with a refined set of industry skills and experience to accelerate success in their chosen career.
  • The specialisation degrees offered by UK universities, enable students to advance their studies and begin specialisation before graduating (post-graduate).
  • There are a total of 90 UK institutions ranked within the top 1000 universities globally, with four of these institutions making it to the top 10.

Work Opportunities

  • The UK is a safe place to work in and has a low crime rate. Jobs for International students are plenty after graduating
  • The UK education and Visa system gives international students the opportunity to extend their stay in the UK as an employed individual under the relevant wage and time standards with the transition from a student visa to a work visa.
  • Generally, international students are able to secure a 2 year visa working full time.

Lifestyle and Leisure

The United Kingdom has an intriguing history and a rich environment. There is always something to do in the evening.

  • There will always be something to do in the UK, no matter where you study. When you’re not studying, you may go to pubs, sports stadiums, markets, concerts, Libraries and art galleries, to name a few places.
  • There is so much to see and do in London, from the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace to Stonehenge and Edinburgh Castle.
  • The UK also offers world-class performance venues such as the Alexandra Palace in London and Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, as well as the O2 in London and some of the world’s most well-known music festivals, such as Birmingham pride, Notting Hill Carnival, Glastonbury Music Festival.

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